Friday, October 8, 2010

FFwD - Gerard's Mustard Tart

It's only recipe #2 in FFwD but I've already made something in the book that I probably would not have tried otherwise.  And I would have been totally missing out because this was delicious.  I mean look at that puppy.  I'm so impressed with myself!!  

I'm know I won't come across anything nearly that beautiful during the next two weeks in France!!  Haha!  And don't let the "mustard" part turn you off.  I mean you can taste it, but   it's not smacking you in the face with mustard flavor.  It's a perfect compliment to the leeks and carrots.  I served this with a simple salad and called it dinner.  Even hubs loved this one.

I think I made a faux pas last week when I posted the recipe.  You're gonna have to go out and buy the book, but you should do that anyway.  So you can try new things like this tart!!

And on a side note.....

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest one year old on the planet!!  Sorry I can't be there for the party Emma!!!

Enjoy your cake!

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