Thursday, October 14, 2010

A week in Provence.....

Hubs and I and a few other friends have been in Provence, France for the last week experiencing Exclusive Resorts at their best.  They put together about four per year of what they call Once in a Lifetime trips.  They lease various properties around the world for a couple months and we members get the opportunity to visit breathtaking villas, etc. as only ER does them.

We arrived last Friday and spent the first night at a fabulous little village, Crillon de Brave  that had spectacular views of Mont Ventoux.


The next day we met up with the rest of the crew at our house for the week.  It's a beautiful five bedroom chateau sitting on top of a hill in Beaume de Venise.  

It's comfortable and spacious and has been a perfect place to drink some French wine, eat, cook, drink some Champagne, relax, go for long walks, drink some Muscat, etc, etc.



We're having a ball.  We've been wine tasting, shopping, eating, drinking, doing touristy things.  Oh......and laughing.  A lot of laughing.

As I said, we're staying in the small village of Beaume de Venise in southern France.  It's beautifully nestled among the vineyards of the southern Rhone valley.  Specifically, they make the French desert wine Muscat.  

Walking along the rows and rows of grape vines every morning has made it feel much less like exercise.  Hubs has decided we're planting grapes in our back yard when we get home.

Considering we've started drinking wine at lunch every day and not stopped until bedtime, try to think of this as coherent post.  It's about the best you're going to get until I get home and de-tox!

I'll try to post again tomorrow about all of our wonderful activities!  Bon Apetit!

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  1. Great post Jill! Sounds like you had an incredible time on our Once in a Lifetime experience in Provence!