Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TWD - Yummy, gooey, Rick Katz brownies

Before we start talking about these brownies, I like to give a big FAT thank-you to the lady that sat in seat 2D on my flight from LA to Hawaii on Jan. 31st. That would be the Delta flight that also lost my luggage, but I digress. The fine lady in seat 2D hacked up a lung for the entire 6+ hour flight (yes, I said 6+ hours.....thank you very much head wind). She sniffed and blew and coughed and I'm sure contaminated the entire first class cabin. I can personally attest to the fact that those germs made their way to seat 4C with no problem. This woman was so scary that the poor Asian couple seated in 3C and 3D pulled out their little white SARS masks and wore them for the entire flight. I giggled at the time, but am now kicking myself for not politely seeing if they had an extra one.

So on top of having some beastly jet-lag, I also get to battle a really stuffy head. Which means I'm moving a little slower than usual so I didn't get this week's TWD posted on time.

But, ohhhhh mamamama, if anything could make me feel better, it's these. These just kicked Ina's brownies to the curb. Sorry, Ina. These are ooey and gooey and chocolatey and salty(?). Yeah, for some reason you can really taste the salt in a good way. There's only a teaspoon and I used unsalted butter, so I don't quite understand, but whatev. It works.

There's an extra step in making these that involves combining the eggs and sugar and then separating that mixture in half. You add one half directly to the chocolate mixture and you whip the other half in your stand mixer for three minutes and then gently incorporate into the chocolate mixture. Understand? A little confusing but I think that's what made the texture of these so amazing.

Thanks to Tanya of Chocolatechic (can you imagine.....someone who's blog is named that picking this recipe? hehe) for this fabulous pick. Head over to her site for the recipe. I happen to love her blog, BTW.

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  1. Oh...what an awful flight. I think I'd be asking the flight attendant for a SARS mask....

    The ice cream is a wonderful addition.