Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pool House Updates

Even through some freakishly cold and rainy Alabama winter weather the pool house is making progress. We got a lot of things accomplished before we left for vacation.

We picked out our spa.

We ordered the wood-fired pizza oven. Soooooo excited about this.

And we decided on the pool decking. Actually we changed our mind on pool decking/pool house floor. We were originally going to go with Peacock pavers, but decided we liked the look of the flagstone better.

They were busy putting up the roof trusses before we left for Hawaii, so this is what it looked like before....

And this is what we came home to a week later!!

There were a few minor framing mistakes, but nothing that's hard to fix.

I can really start to see what it's going to look like now and I'm ready for them to hurry up and finish.

And for the weather to WARM UP. Please.

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