Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exclusive Resorts - Ho'olei

If you've been stopping by here looking for TWD or BB recipes, you come to the wrong place this week! The only baking going on here is me by the pool. Actually, I may have over-baked. If you're thinking of exploring any caves in the near future, you may want to take my forehead along to light the way! Jeeesh. It's gonna be precious when it starts to peel.

But I'll take burnt foreheads as opposed to, well, just about anything if I get them here.

Hubs and I are in Hawaii celebrating 20 blissful years together. Well most of them were blissful. Okay, a couple of them. I swear at least two of them were. Just kidding. He's the love of my life (except for Raffie) and he knows it.

We're staying at Exclusive Resorts He'olei property and that's our view. If you're an ER member, we're in 55-1 which, according to Danny, the concierge-extraordinaire, is his favorite unit and also the largest. I can't personally confirm that so we'll just take his word for it. I can personally confirm that it's very nice, has a great view and I like the location.....about 100 steps to the pool!

Nice spacious kitchen and great room combo with two walls of glass that slide completely out of the way to allow for some great island breezes to come in. It also allows for birds to fly right in, too. Which freaked me out, so we mostly left them closed! Don't like birds in the house.

Nice little outdoor kitchen area.

The master bedroom is huge and has it's own walk-out patio, but it's located a floor below the main level which would be my only complaint regarding the layout.

Nice, large master bathroom. The water for the tub comes out of the ceiling. Not sure why, but it does. A little strange if you ask me. And you did.

This is the junior master and it's on the main level.

The third bedroom (next to the master on the lower level) is a bunk room for the chitlins. We didn't bring any of those.

ER members staying at Ho'olei have full access to all of the amenities across the street at the Grand Wailea, including all 3,754 of the swimming pools. No seriously, they have that many. And they were all pretty crowded. We went over there every morning to walk the path along the ocean and I saw all the people getting out there early to get their chairs.

Your other choice is the pool right there at Ho'olei. I think the crowded day there were about 10 people there. Once, we looked around and WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE!!! Saweet. There's a couple of waterfalls for ambience......

a fake beach for the little ones.....

and LOADS of space.

So that's the skinny on ER's residences, but let's get to what I really came for. The mai-tai's!! I love mai-tai's anywhere but never as much as in Hawaii. And the fruit. OMG the pineapple. I've OD'd.

And the beaches.....

At sunset......

Is there anything more beautiful than a Hawaiian sunset?



  1. Oh god I am so jealous! That is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great write up and sharing your beautiful photos!! Feel like had a "mini" vaca myself!! :)