Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TWD - Honey Wheat Cookies

For this week's TWD, Michelle of Flourchild chose Dorie's Honey Wheat Cookies. Sounds scrumptious, right? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Main ingredient? Wheat Germ. Oh yummy, yummy, yummy!

I admit that I have wheat germ in my freezer. I've been known to add it to smoothies, or my oatmeal on the rare occasion I feel like being ultra 70's hippie chic. It's the same day that I wear my tie-dye and bell bottoms and poke a flower in my hair. No, really. My tennis friends love it when I show up on match day like that.

Suriously, I do have wheat germ and I do use it. I just never thought about putting it into a cookie. I don't think it really has much flavor. (Which I guess is why I can add it to my oatmeal and not vomit.) And I don't really think these cookies have a lot of flavor. Some subtle hits of lemon and honey, but that's about it. For me it had the taste and texture of a sugar cookie. Not good but not bad either.

I doubt these get made again here at Casa Buker but try them for yourselves. They took about 5 minutes to throw together and then you can refrigerate the dough and bake whenever you feel like it's a bell bottom day!

Make sure you check out Michelle's blog for the recipe.


  1. "Bell bottom day?" LOL I think that comes right out after fluffy jello week. Like your picture.

  2. "Add it to my oatmeal and not vomit"!? Hahaha! Love the picture with the bee. Too cute.

  3. Thank you for baking along with me this week. Your cookies look good even if they weren't calling your name in the middle of the night;) tee-hee!!;)
    I love the little bee!

  4. I kind of felt the same way.

    I'm going to try adding some wheat germ to the boy's smoothie tomorrow and see how that goes over. Good idea!

  5. Well your cookies look great! I loved these, so perfect with a cup of tea as the honey and lemon are already built right in. What a deal!