Monday, February 22, 2010

Pool House Updates

Last Friday a big old dump truck backed up the driveway and dumped this huge pile of stone.

I left to go run some errands and work out and came back a couple of hours later to this....

Damn. Fast workers. It's fun to watch them. It's like putting together a puzzle.....

Only harder. They have to take each stone and make it fit. And keep it level. So there's lots of hammering and chipping involved.

Plus they have to make it look random.

I don't think I could do it. I'll leave it to the experts.

And someone had to move a huge pile of those suckers inside. I'm glad I wasn't around to help with that. I would have faked an injury.

There's a lot of stone left to stack. It's going on the fireplace, the pizza oven, the outside walls, some of the inside walls. Everywhere.

Makes me tired just thinking about it.

I'm gonna go lay down.

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