Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you weren't pulling for the Yankees to win, blame George.

We spent last weekend in the Big Apple with some friends. We had a great time.....cheered for the brave souls that ran the marathon, went to see Wicked, and bellied up to the bar at PJ Clarke's Saturday to watch some football.

PJ Clarke's is a New York institution and the quintessential neighborhood bar. Perfect place for a beer (or several) and a killer burger.

But we all know that a bar is only as good as the bartender. Meet George. He's a true New Yorker (but for some insane reason is a Michigan fan.....his only strike) with a perfect Bronx accent and he's hilarious.

I think he's personally taking credit for the Yankees' turnaround after game one....or at least A-Rod's turnaround.

Seems George left work around 2am after Game 1 and was walking across town to a party with a girl friend and "two gay guys".

They're passing Central Park on their way toward Columbus Circle when George notices a guy and girl walking toward them and thinks the guy looks really familiar. As they get closer he taps the guy on the shoulder and says "A-Rod?"

Yup. So A-Rod shakes his hand and just keeps walking. George is gushing like a 12-year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert because he just shook A-ROD's HAND when the two gay guys say, "I don't know who the heck that guy was, but honey that was Kate Hudson with him."

We sat in PJ Clarke's for about three hours and heard George tell that story to everyone that walked in. He's yet to wash that hand and is sure A-Rod's batting slump ended because of that hand shake!

So if you're in New York, stop by PJ Clarke's on 55th and Third (I think that's the cross street) and tell him I said hi and congrats to his Yankees.

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