Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm in love

We're doing a little construction project here at Casa Buker (the first of many actually, but more about those later). It's just a little repair/rejuvination of my closet which I'm pretty excited about and I promise updates when we get further along.

We are lucky enough to have a fabulous handyman that does most everything that needs done around here. His name is Anthony and he has the cutest shadow E.V.E.R.

This guy. That's Samson and he never leaves Anthony's heels! And I'm in cocker spaniel love with him.

Maybe because he reminds me so much of this guy. Kacee was my first dog as an adult and he was absolutely the best, sweetest, most precious dog. Sorry Raf. I love you to pieces and wouldn't trade you for anything, but you're a much bigger challenge than Kacee ever was!

Anyway, I make a trip out every day to scratch Samson's ears.

That is if I can get him away from Anthony long enough.

Thank goodness he can't climb ladders or he'd probably be up there pounding in roofing nails (or whatever it is they do up there.)

Be still my heart!

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