Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TWD - World Peace Cookies

"World Peace Cookies"

That's a LOT of pressure to put on a cookie, don'tcha think?  They were originally named Korova Cookies by Parisian pastry chef, Pierre Herme', but some dude in Dorie's neighborhood seemed to think there were good enough to "ensure planetary peace and happiness".   Hence, the new moniker.  Umm....whatev.  I thought we'd already annointed the new Pres solver of all worldly problems???  Although, I'm still waiting on the water walking.....but I digress.

Thanks to Jessica of cookbookhabit for picking this weeks recipe.  Be sure to check her site for the recipe.

So, these little puppies are really good.

And quick and easy to put together.

See that picture?  That's all you need!  Really.  Butter, brown sugar, white sugar, cocoa powder, flour, vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, and most importantly.....sea salt.  Yes, you heard me.....sea salt.  And it's the star.

The dough is a little crumbly but it formed nicely into those two logs, which I have to say, looked alot like something this guy

would leave out in the yard.

As you can see, I sprinkled a little extra fleur de sel on top before I popped them into the oven.  Yum.

If you're a chocolate lover, you need to make these cookies.  You do.  Really.  But don't count on them to solve any deep issues.


  1. Ha ha - cookies can only do so much, right? Glad you liked them though!

  2. Your cookies look great and I love the picture of your dog! Hope you enjoyed those cookies!