Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TWD - Devil's Food White Out Cake

This weeks TWD recipe was chosen by Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater.  And now that it's over and I was uber successful, I'm gonna thank Stephanie!  Thanks, Stephanie.

Steph (she doesn't know it, but we're friends now) had the honor of picking the cover recipe of Dorie's book.  Personally, I'm a little shocked it hasn't been picked before this, but for whatever reason it took over a year to get to it.

This was another French Pear Tart recipe for me.....really intimidating.  Not the cake part.  That was easy.  It was the icing.  I think because it involved using a candy thermometer.  I have one, but it's never been out of the drawer.  I had major anxiety about the candy thermometer.  I was sure I'd screw it up.

I didn't.  {{hands clapping everywhere}}  

See, look...

It might not be as pretty as Dorie's, but I still lurve her!!

And the icing was easy.  And I own that candy thermometer, now.  Sheesh, what's so hard about reading a number??

This icing is so yummy....tastes like marshmallow fluff, only a lighter, more delicate version.  I was afraid it would all deflate when I started spreading it onto the cake, but it held up beautifully.

The only disappointing thing is that it's just Charlotte and I here to eat it.  (And I'm starting a new Blueprint Cleanse today.....horrible timing.....or divine intervention??)

Size "0" here can finish it off while I'm in Vegas!

Make this cake, y'all and become one with your candy thermometer!

Be sure to check out Stephanie's blog for the recipe.


  1. Way to go for conquering your anxiety and making this cake! It's funny how we get these preconceived ideas that something is difficult and it really is doable. I'm glad you did it and that everyone enjoyed the cake! I'm clapping for you, too!

  2. The cake looks perfect. My frosting melted into the cake, but it was still mighty tasty.

  3. Well done! I'm glad it tasted as good as it looks :)

  4. I'm so glad this worked out for you! Nice job.

  5. Excellent job. Your cake looks great.