Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number. ~Steven Wright

We're in Vegas, baby.  We'll I am.  Mr. B's flight is somewhat delayed so I had to hit the casino all by myself this afternoon.  A girl's gotta do what....well you know.

And so far I have two major bitches about this place....

First, WTF is with all the kids running around on the casino floor?  The one place you think you're not gonna have to deal with irresponsible parent's reprehensible offspring is Vegas.  But, noooooooooo.  I'm sittin chillin at a poker machine (that's all I know how to play.....yeah, not sure why I'm here either, but anyway) and here come three snot-nosed eight year olds chasin each other around the machines.  I figured their parents were bellied up somewhere.  Get the kids out of the casinos....N.O.W.

Second, I would seriously become more enamored with this place if they would BAN SMOKING.  I always try to find a machine all by myself but some jackass always comes and sits down next to me and lights up.  Ugh.  I'm now back in the room trying to get rid of my headache.  And I have to wash my hair again to get rid of the stench.

Speaking of rooms......our accommodations for the weekend are Exclusive Resorts temporary units located in The Signature which is the residence portion of the MGM Grand.  

The permanent residences are scheduled to be completed near the end of this year and they are right across the street. 

Here's some pictures of the units in The Signature.

The kitchen and main living area

One of the two master bedrooms, both containing king size beds.

The other one has it's own kitchenette.

Here are some photos of the new CityCenter area where ER's permanent units will be.

This area is located right on the strip and looks like it's going to be fabulous.  Not sure it will be done by the end of the year, but we'll see.

This monstrosity is located right next to the CityCenter and is the new Planet Hollywood condominium tower.

Two guys that need to mark their territory (as Mr. B likes to say)....Mr. Wynn

And Mr. Trump...

And this is where I'm probably going to be tomorrow afternoon.  This is the pool for Tower Three (there are three towers that make up The Signature).  It's not really warm enough for a bathing suit, but I can see crashing down there with a good book for the afternoon.  Beats hanging out in a smoky casino with a bunch of curtain climbers!

Lots of great dinner reservations this weekend so I'll keep you posted on the food and wine!

Wish me luck.....I'm already in the hole.  Don't tell Mr. B.

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  1. Great review and pics of the ER Las Vegas property.

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