Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a few days left!

Damn, a week can sure go fast.  We've just got a couple of days left here....heading out on Saturday....but it's been a very much needed week of relaxation for Mr. B.  Lots of laying by the pool, reading, sleeping and a few cocktails mixed in there! 

This week and destination are exactly why we joined Exclusive Resorts three years ago.

These are the six homes that are ER's which are all on the same side .  The opposite hillside has about six other villa's that the resort rents.

Lunch at the Pavillion down at the resort.

This is the resort pool.  We never spent any time down there, but it's very nice.  I do have to say that the resort seems to be extremely quiet this week.  We've really only gone down to use the workout facilities and eat dinner a couple of times, but it just doesn't seem that crowded.   The only downside of fewer guests would be that the main restaurant closes on more nights than normal.  We had trouble getting dinner on the grounds a couple of nights.

This was our actual house for the week.  If you're an ER member, it's #306 and it's on the end.  Very private.

Another fabulous experience.  If you're interested in visiting LDB, check out Rosewood's website for reservation information.

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