Sunday, December 7, 2008

All's Right With the World.....for now!


I can breathe a sigh of relief!  The earth is back on it's axis correctly.   Now let's get on to the bowl games.

If everything goes as expected this evening this is how the bowls will play out....

National Championship
Florida vs. Oklahoma

Fiesta Bowl
Texas vs. Ohio State

Sugar Bowl
Alabama vs. Utah

Rose Bowl
Penn State vs. USC

Orange Bowl
Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

My picks are in red.....and for the most part are emotionally and not intellectually!!  The NC game is an interesting match-up.  Tebow has been itching all year to play against a Big 12 defense and he'll get his chance.  After watching him yesterday, it's foolish to bet against him (and if money were involved, my pick would probably be different!!) but Florida is my third most hated team so I'm going with Boomer Sooner!

I HAVE to go with the Buckeyes in the Fiesta....Texas is tough, but at least it's not another effin SEC team.  Oh, and can I just say that I HATE that this game is on a Monday night....and the NC game is on a Thursday night.....SUCKS!

Would loooooove to see Utah pull a Boise State on Bama, but probably won't happen.

It's hard to bet against USC in what is essentially a home game, but I'll talk JoePa.

And, does anyone REALLY care about the Orange Bowl???  I'll go with my least favorite Ohio team in this one.....they have a great coach.

So that's it, last month of our beloved college football....what will I have to talk about????

Maybe college basketball????  Congrats to my basketball Buckeyes yesterday for their upset of Notre Dame.  Poor Mr. B.....he was so sure he could beat us in bball.  He's having a tough time being a fan of the Irish right now!

And I was VERY excited to hear about Michigan kicking Duke.  I know, I know....I hate Michigan, but anyone that beats Duke is a friend of mine!!

Go Bucks!

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