Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miscellaneous Shizzle

This is the time of year that I get a pile of catalogs everyday in the mail.  A few of them are worthwhile.....very few.

One of my favorite is Fetch Dog.  Besides the uber cute puppy that is always on the front cover, they have some of the best dog paraphernalia around....all of the best toys and the absolute best dog beds anywhere.....ones that you're not embarrassed to put where company can see them.  Two things I'm ordering out of this months catalog for the Raffinator are the "Personalized Pet Mat" for his food and water dish and also the "Pill Pockets" (which happen to be the best pet invention EVAH!!)  If you have a FurKid of the dog persuasion....check them out.

Yes, that's me about four years ago on Thanksgiving Day living a see the Cowboys play in Texas.  Mr. B had been spending most of his time that year in Texas defending his company in a big lawsuit case, which they the way, thanks to a fabulous Dallas law firm.  That firm was kind enough to invite us to share their box at Texas Stadium for the Thanksgiving Day game.  I was BEYOND excited, to say the least.  Thoroughly enjoyed my day there....great food, great wine, great friends...can't even tell you if the Cowboys won that day.  I know, not a good fan.  Whatev.

My point of this little post is this....everyone knows about the Christmas edition of the Neiman Marcus catalog....big presents, bigger money.

Check out my picture and check out the end-zone behind me....Yes, my friends, that's for is everything where Jerry Jones is concerned.  Here's the description of the "gift"

"Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium End Zone".  The new digs will be state-of-the-art, of course, but Texas Stadium is where America's Team paid its dues....and grew it's heart.  It's where a dynasty was built and where the Boys fought their way into seven NFL Championships.  To honor battles won and heroes lost over 38 glorious years, you can put 530 square yards (holy mutha) of sporting history into your own backyard:  An entire Cowboys Texas Stadium end zone.  Our exclusive package also includes the VIP treatment for the last regular season Cowboys game in Texas Stadium.  Your crew gets pre-game photos in your zone with Jerry Jones, a luxury suite for the game, and a once-in-a lifetime post-game tailgate party on your soon-to-be new backyard (with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, (well, of course)  no less).  There's also autographed memorabilia from Cowboy legends (if Troy Aikman's there....I'm there) , and a VIP package to attend the opening of the new stadium in 2009.  Better yet, the Jerry Jones family and the Cowboys organization will generously donate the entire purchase price to The Salvation Army.  (well, by all means...I need a tax write-off)"

All of that for the "blue-light special" price of $500,000

I've asked Mr. B to get this for me for Christmas.  He said if all of the people that read my blog donated, he'd consider'm asking all four of you to donate $125,000 a piece and I can have my life's dream.   Thank you and I'll invite all of you over to party in the end-zone!!!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts is giving my friends some great wine from the cellar so I'm always looking for great "wine packaging" ideas.  I get tired of the usual wine bags so I really liked this idea from the Sundance catalog.  Aren't these just the cutest???

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