Sunday, November 16, 2008

Air Beanie

So....did you see Superman fly????  I "know" that "shon" started the trend, but the Beanster took it to a whole new height on Saturday against the Illini.  Check out the video if you weren't lucky enough to witness it first hand (make sure you watch it in "high quality").

So it sets up the final showdown with that smell up North.....Meeeeeshigan.  Whatever.  I'd like to say I'm 100% confident, but it's Meeeeeshigan.....and anything can happen.  I will say that I'm 80% confident and that I'm also a BIG Michigan State fan on Saturday.  If they pull off the win in Happy Valley, then the Bucks win the Big 10 and are off to the Rose Bowl....if not, we're at the mercy of the BCS hoping for an at-large bid.  And anything can happen.  So, go Sparty!!

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