Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun in Nashville

Mr. B and I headed to Nashville this weekend (actually just Saturday) to spend some long overdue time with the MIL and to see my friend, Jenny.  Mr. B has been so busy in the past year that it was nice to finally find a free day to spend some time with his mother and take her to lunch.

We then headed downtown to the Hermitage hotel....nice!  This is a Nashville landmark that has recently gone through an $18 million renovation.  We had a nice big room with a great view of the State Capitol.

Next was dinner with Jenny, who moved to Nashville about a year ago (wow, time flies!!) with her uber talented chef husband, Dean, to open a few new restaurants.

We started with dinner at miro district.....

That's Jenny..

and this lethal concoction is Dean's homemade lemoncello and I'll guarantee you it's better than anything Danny DeVito and George Clooney are drinking!!  Dean, I'll come and wash dishes if you'll give me the recipe (well, maybe not, but I still want the recipe!)

We then headed a few blocks over to his other fabulous restaurant, Watermark, for coffee (or a chocolate martini) and dessert.  OMG.  I won't be eating the rest of the week.

Thanks, Jenny and Dean, for a fun and delicious introduction to Nashville.  I can certainly see why y'all love it there!

If you're ever there, make sure you check out Watermark and miro district.


  1. Saturday night was one of the most fun nights I've had in Nashville so far. It was such a special treat to have you and Ed here! Limoncello recipe coming soon -- no dishwashing required!

  2. Big Batch Recipe:
    128 lemons washed in warm water, no soap, hand dried
    6 oranges (same procedure)
    zest everything, being careful not to get any pith or it will be too bitter
    5 fifths of grain alcohol
    1 liter l'orange
    put zest in the alcohol for 7-10 days in a non-metal container
    strain liquid, discard zest and set aside
    bring 10 liters of water and 9 cups of sugar to a simmer, enough to make the sugar melt into the water
    combine both liquids, chill, and serve
    (it's basically lemon infused alcohol and sugar water)
    obviously this is a big amount, divide as you like