Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gosh Darn if She Didn't Do it Again!!

Leave it Ina.  Another great cookbook.  

I finally made it to Barnes and Noble today to pick up  my copy of "Barefoot Contessa - Back to Basics" cookbook.  I had been planning to download it to my Kindle, but it wasn't available for Kindle....which didn't make me happy since I was excited about having cookbooks on there, so when I travel....well you get the picture.  A perfect application, but once again, no one consulted me.

I digress.

So I spend the afternoon scanning every recipe and I'm excited to get started on these.  I dog-eared more pages than not, but some of the highlights for me were....

....."juice of a few flowers" which is a yumming sounding cocktail
....."lobster corn chowder" - I've never been disappointed with an Ina soup
....."cape cod chopped salad" which sounds like a fabulous fall salad
....."warm butternut squash roasted salad with warm cider vinaigrette" ...tell me your mouth didn't start watering just reading that one
....."truffled filet of beef sandwiches"....beef and truffles in the same dish
....."roasted turkey roulade" which is a stuffed turkey breast that I will be making for Thanksgiving....we never eat a whole turkey
....."french chocolate bark"....I'll be making this over the holidays
....."brownie pudding"  does this even need a comment???

So that's just a taste (you wish) of what's in this book.  I lost a bet on the Penn State - OSU game so I have to cook some good friends dinner.  I now have some new material!!

Go get this book, people.


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