Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Opening Day thoughts

Photo Titled Davenport serves

Day one is in the books with no major upsets.....but an almost!  What did I tell you about James Blake....huh??  I watched the first set and thought that he look completely in control so off to bed I went.  And what did I wake up to find????  That he almost blew it.  Not surprised.

I thought Lindsay look good....didn't really see any signs of injuries....a little rust, perhaps, but physically I thought she looked fine.

Elena Dimentieva had a close match, but in her defense, she had to play a dude.  Girlfriend (whatever your name was.....way to many letters for me to remember), you're in the US Open, for heaven's sake, do a little something with yourself......I don't know, like wear something designed for a FEMALE!!!!!

Rafa survived a tough one.  I was never nervous that he wasn't going to win, but Phau made it very entertaining.  Some fabulous points.

Enjoyed Coco Vandeweghe's debut (she is Kiki's niece!).  Her mom was precious watching her and it looked like everyone was enjoying the moment.  Nice to see parents cheering and smiling at their little prodigies in a positive manner.

LOVED the new Oreo commercial with Venus and Serena talking smack with Peyton and Eli.

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  1. I watched the whole Blake-Young match and it was very entertaining. I have been a big Blake fan from the beginning when he was marketed as another Agassi... Obviously that didn't stick, and I didn't really agree at the time either... But, watching Donald Young play was very reminiscent of early Agassi--the cock-eyed hat, the big diamond earrings, the gold chain, the nike gear, the nonchalant talent he exudes-- he didn't really look that scared playing his first 5 setter against a veteran top-tenner. great match.