Friday, July 25, 2014

So, here's what's been happening around here......

It's been quite the summer!  I thought it was about time I caught up with y'all.

What I've gotten rid of......

After several last minute hiccups which, according to my real estate agent, I don't know the half of.....WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!  This shit was two years of some extremely interesting/crazy/bizzare and in the end nice people traipsing through my house so you'll have to excuse my excitement.

I can only hope the new owners and their children enjoy the place as much as we did for the past 12 years.  However, we're really happy to not have to take care of it anymore.  We're currently living in an extremely small rental that I'm loving for the most closet and bathroom could definitely stand to be a little larger....but until we figure out what we want to do next, it's fine.  We're looking at a few options so I'll keep you posted.

Where I've been..........

Right as we were in the middle of house negotiations, we took off for Anguilla for a week.  Not the best possible timing, but we'd had the trip planned for a year so off we went.  We stayed at the Viceroy and man does it not suck.

We stayed in one of Exclusive Resorts four bedroom villas that was a perfect place to forget all that was going on back home.  The tequila may have played a part in that too.

The resort is pretty spread out so it seems as if we had the place to ourselves for the week.  The staff is amazing, the resort is immaculate, and the food mouth watering good.  

Put the Viceroy on your bucket list!

What parties I've thrown..........

And because my planning is impeccable, two weeks after arriving home I was throwing my niece and her fiancé an engagement party for about 50 people!  

Since Charlotte is from Ohio and Ben grew up in Alabama, the was the first time meeting for many of the family members. I think everybody had a good time.....I know I did!!

I kept things pretty, wine, iced tea and lemonade.....and then made arguably the best catering decision of any party I've every thrown and hired one of Birmingham's best food trucks.  Who doesn't love gourmet grilled cheese?  Boom!!

And the best part of the food truck idea was that I didn't have to do any food prep or any clean up and I could thoroughly enjoy myself along with every one else.

I may have even hired professional photo bombers...........

How cute is this little one!  She became a big sister to twin brothers just a few short weeks after the party.

And thank you Mother Nature for providing a beautiful evening to celebrate the bride and groom. 

We even got in some family pics.  The first photo is of Ben's family......

And this hot mess is Charlotte's (and mine so I'm allowed to say that!)'s clear which side is the more photogenic!!!

The party was on a Saturday night and Monday morning the movers were at my front door to start packing and ten days later we were out!  We closed a day after that.  Crazy.

The next couple of months don't look to be any less interesting as we're heading to Colorado over Labor Day to see some great friends, checking out Sun Valley in mid-September, and then the big wedding in Ohio in October.

I promise to post more regularly now that things have settled down.

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