Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Furniture for sale

So it looks like we've cleared all of the major hurdles and while I know nothing is ever truly complete until that fucking fat lady sings, I say with 65% confidence (I'm a cynic to my very core) that WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!

We close on June 27th and I'm having a MAJOR party here on June 14th.  How's that for some damn good timing?  On June 15th I start my freak out and will begin selling practically all of my furniture because we're old and like all old people, we're downsizing and getting rid of all extraneous bullshit in preparation for death.  

I was really smart in my youth and spent a BUNCH of Mr. Buker's hard earned cash on all custom made/high end furniture.  That's the shit I'm selling and will undoubtedly make Mr. Buker cry when we get pennies on the dollar for all of this really NICE STUFF.

Here it is.  Email me at jillbuker@gmail.com if you're interested or need further information like dimensions.  Like I said, I can't get rid of it until June 15th so all of my guest have somewhere to sit on the 14th.

Oh and everything is in GREAT condition because we DON'T HAVE KIDS!!

FYI.....I don't deliver.

Vanguard custom chairs  There are two of these
  $200/chair or $350 for both 

Vanguard custom sofa.  There are two of these
$800/sofa or $1500 for both

Vanguard custom sofa

two rugs
6 x 9 $100
8 1/2 x 12 $150


(this thing is massive...it's hanging in my foyer and it's 9' high and 9' wide...that's 9 FEET!)
I paid $4500, asking $1000

 Japanese style screens
This is four separate screens that could also be used as room dividers, etc
They're heavy and substantial....all four together are 13 1/2 feet wide and 7 feet tall
I paid $6000, asking $1500


Iron bed in dark green - King size
$100 for frame
$175 for frame and mattress/box springs

Desk $200

Custom chair $75
this is slightly faded but great bones
also includes a matching stool


Custom chair
There are two of these
$100/chair or $175 for both

dining chairs 
There are 8 of these
$25/chair or $175 for all

two rugs
6' 1" x 8' 9" (originally $3000) $500
9' 3" x 12' (originally $5000) $800

Bar height teak table and chairs (Kingsley-Bate)
I've had these for about 15 years and they're still in great shape.  We just sanded them all down last week and re-oiled them.
$150 for set including cushions

Kingsley-Bate lounge chair
$50 including cushion

Kingsley Bate lounge chair with arms
$50 including cushion

Kingsley Bate teak rocker, side table and chaise
$50/chair and $15 for table


Kingsley Bate teak furniture 
Couch, four chairs, two foot stools and coffee table
$350 for complete set including cushions

Kingsley Bate teak Bench
there are two of these

Adirondack Chair & footstool
I have 8 of these and they're a composite material so they'll last forever you never have to do anything with them.  I love these!

Washer and Dryer
Free to a good home!  They both work but they're 12 years old.

That's it for right now, but there may be more later.
jillbuker@gmail.com for inquiries


  1. Hey, don't sell anything until I talk to you in the next day. There's a bunch of stuff that we'll buy with the landscaping project we're about to fire-up - plus a few things fro inside your place, Jill.

    1. Hey Jeff....Some of the outdoor furniture is already spoken for so I need to know what you want. I've only sold two chairs from inside the house but have someone coming to look today.