Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Faves

Favorite Room Update

Disclaimer:  If today's post makes no sense, I'm blaming the paint fumes!

This room is what southerners call the "keeping room".  Whatever the hell that means.  Yankees call it the TV room or den.  It's the room right off of our kitchen that we spend the most time in and I've been wanting to lighten it up for a while now but since the house was on the market and we actually THOUGHT IT WOULD SELL, have been putting it off.  Well apparently, it's not going to sell and I might as well do what I want!  I'm tired of the stained wood work and faux finished walls so I called my painter and put him to work.  I was ecstatic even with just primer so I can't wait for this to get finished.  Probably by the end of next week.

And since our furniture was a dark leather and the couch is uncomfortable, I sweet talked hubs into letting me get a new couch and chair.  Score!

I wanted something that I could get quickly, so I went with Restoration Hardware Belgian Classic Roll Arm Sofa in their standard Sand Linen

And the Lorraine Chair in the standard Burnt Oakfinish with Sand Linen
I'll post before and after pics when it's all finished.  


Favorite Drink

I'm jumping on the Moscow Mule train.  I can see this becoming my summer pool drink and since winter is on my last nerve, I'm starting summer this weekend!

You need to start with the requisite copper mug.  I ordered this antiqued version from One Kings Lane

Of course, no one that I could find sells ginger beer in Birmingham so I ordered this one from Amazon.  It won the Bon Appetit taste taste.
Oprah's Moscow Mule

1 ounce vodka
1 tsp simple syrup (depending on the sweetness of your ginger beer, you may not need this)
squeeze of fresh lime juice
1/2 cup ginger beer
garnish with a sprig of fresh ming and a slice of lime

In a copper mug, pour vodka over ice.  Add simple syrup and lime juice.  Top with ginger beer and stir.  Garnish with mint and lime.

I've also seen a variation on the original that just might be more to my liking, however, called the 

Mexican Mule

1 ounce Repasado or Anejo Tequila
1 tsp simple syrup
fresh lime juice
1/2 cup ginger beer
garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, lime wheel and a jalapeño slice


Favorite Viewing:

How is everyone's bracket holding up?  As of this morning, I'm leading my groups March Madness  challenge!  Whoop Whoop!!

Group Results

1 250240120000Michigan St108061099.6
2 25024080000Michigan St104057094.6
3 240200120000Duke48056091.3
4 230160120000Arizona108051062.6
5* 220160120000Florida112050056.3
5* 240140120000Michigan St96050056.3
7 25016080000Ohio State48049049.9
8* 24016080000Michigan St72048043.8
8* 2602200000Oklahoma48048043.8
10* 190160120000Florida112047038.0
10* 21018080000Wichita State52047038.0
12 21016080000Florida108045027.9
13 24016040000Florida92044023.7
14 19016040000Duke1603909.8
15 2201600000Duke3603808.2
16 19012040000Gonzaga1603504.9
* - Denotes tiebreaker used

Did you happen to see Charles Barkley's reaction to a Shaq tweet during CBS coverage last night?  My dad loves Charles and Kenny, so this one's for him!

Favorite Product

My poor dog has had quite the year so far.  He had to have a large cyst removed from his heinie and because of the location, it's been impossible to get it to heal.  He's had to endure the diaper of shame and now he has a giant donut sewn onto his ass.  

He's humiliated.


He just turned 10 a few weeks ago, and like a lot of big dogs, he's developed a touch of arthritis in his hips which makes getting up and down more of a challenge.  The ass donut isn't helping.

What has made things a little easier are these beds we got for him last fall.  They're from Orvis and have a memory foam mattress in them that is soft enough to sleep on but firm enough that he can get up and down.  He LOVES them.  I got him the extra large ones because I like to spoil him and maybe sometimes I like to lay in there with him!

The covers are removable and washable.

Enjoy your weekend!

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