Monday, August 13, 2012

Swedish Cars

Our first day in Colorado has been gloriously cold and rainy.  I'm so damn sick of hot and dry that this has been fabulous.  Since we couldn't hike, we decided to buy a couple of brolly's and poke around Vail for a while and then head to the Ritz for lunch and a glass (three) of wine.  Shush.  If you can't have three glasses of wine for lunch on vacay, when the hell can you?  

BTW, if you have a three-wine-lunch at the Ritz at Bachelor Gulch, make sure you have the duck tacos  and corn chowder.  Just sayin.  

So.....while we were tooling around Vail Village, we ran smack into this.......

.....any ideas?

Anyone?  Bueller??

Hint......this is the windshield's a car completely covered in Lego's which I totally geeked out over because my stepson and niece have been complete Lego fools since they were young enough to choke on them.   Seriously.  They're now 24 and 31 and STILL love them.  My niece actually spent an entire Christmas week at Sea Island a few years ago putting together the entire Lego Taj Mahal.  And she was a total bitch about anyone getting near it too.  Issues.

So I immediately texted them all of these pictures.  And just like I expected, they went into total geek-out mode.  Forever his father's son, Barry's response was, "Well, Lego does turn 80 this year."  (WTF does that have to do with anything?)

Carly, "Duuuude.  What?  That's insanity.  Ummm a Volvo?"

Barry, "Lego's are Swedish.  So is Volvo."  I told you.  Geeeeeek.

And because I totally like to point out when anyone is wrong (Yes.  I'm that girl) I wikipedia'd it.  He's right.  Damn it.

So there you go.  The highlight of my first day of vacay.  It can only get better from here.

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