Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Five

1.  We are just one week away from the greatest four months of the FOOTBALL season.  Go. Bucks!!

2.    Seriously??

3.  These two recipes......

I made this yesterday and served it directly from the skillet like suggested!  Such fun.  Oh and it quite possibly is The Best Berry Cobbler You'll Ever Have.  (click for the recipe)

Photo courtesy of A Cup of Jo

I also made these tacos this week with shrimp and snapper, but even if you prefer chicken or beef, the dry rub and the crema are to die for.  Get the recipe here.

Photo courtesy of Providence Ltd Design

4.  Great suggestions for some iPad cooking apps you may not have.  I'm loving Basil.


My mother and I saw this book in the Gorsuch store in Vail and literally stood for 20 minutes flipping through the pages.  There are over 400 stunning images of dogs all of whom  have been adopted from a shelter situation.  A portion of the proceeds go to shelters, rescues and other various pet causes.  I immediately ordered it and if you're a dog lover and on my Christmas list, this is probably what you're getting!

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  1. as an Ohioan, I am also hoping that the Bucks have a great year!!!! Although, I will be to busy studying for my BA to see many of the games ;-(

    Great post!