Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to decide features that I do and don't want in my next house. Since the kitchen is the most important room for me, that's what I've been concentrating on.  This is my current kitchen.

Things about it that I like:

*  It's large and open to the family room.
*  Plenty of counter space and adequate storage
*  The large floor to ceiling window that takes advantage of our fabulous views

Things I'll do different next time:

*  Much lighter color cabinets with a much simpler design
*  While I love the stone surround on the stove, I really want counter space directly connected to stove.  I currently have to chop things on the island and turn around and transport them to the stove, inevitably dropping things on the floor.
*  I think I want a smaller island, or two islands.  
*  I love having two dishwashers, but they're on opposite sides of the island and not convenient to the sink.

So I've been looking at magazines and scouring Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration.

I love how this is wide open to the living area and flows seamlessly to the outdoor living areas.  And all that natural light is a must have.

This is a perfect example of dual dishwashers.

I'm in love with the stainless prep area next to the stove and that large butcher block on top is perfect.  I think it also happens to have wheels.  Genius.

For years, I've coveted a La Cornue stove.  Look at that baby!  Such works of art.

 They come in beautiful colors.
This color wouldn't be my first choice!

But this probably would.  The only draw back to these bad boys is the cost so I'll have to decide if I'm willing to give something else up in order to fulfill my fantasy!

When I'm stalking Pinterest, I'm trying to step out of my box and look at details.  I'm generally a broad picture girl, so this takes some extra effort on my part.  You know, things like lighting and flooring and hardware.....

I love the light fixtures here.

And the flooring here.  Flooring is a tough one for me.....I love this Spanish tile and am always drawn to stone, but I'm not sure I'm willing to give up the comfort of wood flooring.

Let's talk about islands.  Aesthetically, I'm always drawn to these large ones, but they're such a space suck.

I think this size is much more functional.

I'm in love with this combination of marble (for baking) and butcher block for chopping.  Super functional.

I love this contrast of textures.

I'm also really drawn to furniture masquerading as islands.

There's also the option of forgoing the traditional island and putting the table right in the center of the kitchen.

Open shelving seems to be a very popular trend that I'm not sure I can embrace.

That would totally be exposing my lack of organizational skills!

I need to hide things behind doors.

Or in a huge walk-in butler's pantry like this.  Total pantry envy!

So many things to consider. 

(All pictures taken from Pinterest) 

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