Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TWD - Strawberry-Rhubarb Double Crisp

Rhubarb can really invoke a violent reaction in some people.  It's never, "I don't really care for rhubarb."  I either get, "I LOVE rhubarb" or "I HATE rhubarb"!!  I fall into the LOVE category and grew up on rhubarb everything during the spring.  My mom made a killer rhubarb pie.

So last year about this time, I was invited to a friends house for dinner and I brought along dessert.....rhubarb crisp.  Huge hit with everyone but Mr. friend.  HATED it and told me so.  I actually think he spit it out.  I wasn't that offended because this dude never ventures far from the hamburger and french fry aisle.  He's one of those!!

Fast forward to last weekend.  It was beautiful here and I knew we'd be spending the weekend out at the pool so we invited some friends....rhubarb spitter included (yes we're still friends)....up for some dinner at the pool house.  Obviously I made this week's TWD. When I told french-fry-boy what was for dessert, he immediately wrinkled his nose.  Made me smile because I like to irritate him.  Then I gave him his favorite cheesecake and told him to shut it.

The more sophisticated individuals in the group LOVED this.  Even though it's a little more labor intensive than other crisp recipes it's totally worth it.  I loved the idea of making half of the topping a bottom crust.  Genius except for the fact that I didn't grease the dish first and had some minor sticking issues.  No biggie.

Thanks to Sarah of Teapots and Cake Stands for hosting this week.  This was a fabulous pick.  Head over to her site for the recipe.

I'm off to find a rhubarb cheesecake recipe to see if I can drive my neanderthal friend crazy.


  1. I am new to rhubarb but it might become one of my favorites. I am going to have to try some more of it to determine!! This was a lovely crisp.

  2. Some people just make it so easy!!!
    We loved this. My garden rhubarb is not quite ready and there was no rhubarb in any form in my smallish town. I went with all berries, delish. Can't wait to make the recipe as written soon. Have a great day.

  3. Cute post! Your little slice of crisp looks wonderful... especially with that ice cream on top! :)

  4. I liked rhubarb and this was the first time using it. I thought the crisp topping was the best part though!

  5. I love friends who spit things out :). I can't wait for rhubarb to be back in season.

  6. So wonderful! I am definitely in the LOVE camp. Can't wait till it's in season here.

  7. Out by the pool...I don't even know what that means anymore!! Ha ha it snowed here last night..errr!!
    Your crisp looks great!! Not everyone loves rhubarb, my husband is one of them:)

  8. oh, i'm with you...LOVE rhubarb! and to the haters out there, well, more for us, right? looks great with ice cream!


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