Saturday, January 15, 2011

FFwD - Gnocchi a la Parisienne

How's everyone doing on their New Year's resolutions?  It's only three weeks in.  Don't tell me you've fallen off the wagon already?  Or do you even make them?  I usually do but I never tell anyone what they are.  I sooooo don't want someone keeping track and making me accountable.  That would suck.  You can assume, however, that eating more things that are rich, creamy and have more calories in one bite that one human should eat in a week.......not on that list.  But it was on Hub's list, so I made it for him!  It's all of those things.  Hard to go wrong with gnocchi made from pate a choux, baked in a bechamel sauce, and topped with cheese with a few pats of butter thrown on top.  Holy heart attack, Batman.  I made the mistake of taking one bite and immediately decided that whatever Hubs didn't eat was immediately going down the drain.  Otherwise I would have finished it off when no one was looking.

I have to imagine that this is the French, sophisticated version of Mac and Cheese with the gnocchi giving it a slightly creamier texture.  My only complaint about this is the mess I made of my kitchen making it.  Luckily it's in my marriage vows that I don't have to clean up after myself, so that worked out but jeesh, I think every pot in the house was dirty. And that pate a choux dough is kind of a bear to work with.  I ended up (once again) stealing someone else's idea and putting the dough into a large zip lock baggie and piping it out and snipping it with scissors directly into the boiling water.  Worked great.

So, if gaining large amounts of weight is one of the many things you want to accomplish in 2011, I say get in the kitchen and make this at least three times a week.  You'll have a highly successful year.

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  1. Too funny! Not the best dish so early into the new year...but it wash delicious!