Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween in NYC......and Eataly!!

Mr. B and I and some friends spent Halloween weekend in NYC.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of people in costume.  I mean aren't all the freaks supposed to be there??  Just kiddin.....I love the city and have never once come into contact with any freaks.  Some weirdos.  But definitely no freaks.

The first thing we usually do is belly up to the bar at PJ Clarke's for a few beers and a burger.  It's just a few blocks from Exclusive Resorts Park Avenue apartments and it's my favorite bar in town.  Great place to start the weekend.

We also headed to the Meatpacking District.  I can't believe I've never been there before.  This is where all the cool people hang out.  (Which may answer my question?)  This is where the Chelsea Market is located (home of Food Network....of which I was denied access.  Wassup with that?) along with Chelsea Pier and tons of very chic shopping.

We had a lunch reservation at Colicchio and Sons which is right next door to Mario Batali's Del Posto and across the street from Morimoto's of Iron Chef fame.  I felt important just standing on the street corner.

Didn't quite have the same feeling the next day at lunch.  This happened to be hubs choice.  His barber (who takes restaurant advice from their barber??) told him Crif Dogs was the best hot dog in the city.  Real gourmet, my husband.

That's the classy sign out front!!

That's hubs before completely clogging his arteries.  These are DEEP FRIED HOT DOGS, people.  I didn't even know deep frying a hot dog was an option.

Nice, right?

This is why I don't let the mister choose the restaurant very often.  He'd be dead in about a month.  Two deep fried hot dogs and Velveeta covered waffle fries.  Ugh.

Then it was off to the most amazing "grocery store" I've ever been to in my life.  I've already begun my letter writing campaign to Mr. Batali to start construction on one of these babies in Birmingham......Eataly.

First of all, this place was PACKED.  For good reason.  If you're a food lover, this is your   definition of heaven.

It's a massive collection of everything Italian.........

every type of fresh pasta you can imagine....

bread.....amazing bread....



Row after row of olive oils......


hello, my pretty.........

and here's where I almost died......cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.....

cheese, cheese.......

and next door.......WINE!!!!!  Italian WINE!!!!!

Yes, it is!!!!  You must go if you're anywhere close to Manhattan.  From this day forward it will be my first stop upon leaving LaGuardia.

And because it was Halloween weekend, and because the love of my life had deep fried hot dogs for lunch, we thought it only appropriate to stop at Dylan's Candy Bar and finish him off.  I'm not a huge candy lover so I'd never been here before but if sweets are your thing, put this one on your list.  Every type of vintage candy bar imaginable can be found here.

Fun place.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the "scaffolding" in front of Dior.

So Dior, isn't it!

And a trip to New York City would not be complete for me without a Saturday morning walk in Central Park followed by breakfast at Sarabeth's.  I love Central Park on Saturday in the Fall.  Everyone is out getting some exercise with their best friends!

There was hockey practice at Wollman Rink.

And the fall colors were just beautiful.

I marvel every time I'm there that this beautiful piece of Mother Nature is smack in the middle of the concrete jungle that is Manhattan.

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