Friday, October 22, 2010

FFwD - Hachis Parmentier

If I could have found this on a menu in Paris I would have ordered it.  It was so cold the few days we were there and this is the ultimate cold weather comfort food.  Come to think of it this is the ultimate comfort food anytime.  It's the French version of Shepherd's Pie....meat and potatoes all in one deliciously fatty dish.  Yeah, this is not for the dieting set.  If you need to fit into your jeans tomorrow, don't make this today.

But if, for instance, your best friend's betrayed you or your favorite college football team loses one week after being ranked #1.....something like that, then by all means you need to make this.  It will make everything all better.  That and a good cry.

I followed Dorie's directions and made my own beef broth, but you can also take a short cut and buy already ground beef and store broth and it won't be quite as time consuming.  Might not be quite as good, but whatever!  I also became convinced that using a food mill is the ticket for making the creamiest mashed potatoes.  Well maybe that and whole milk, cream and butter!

Like I said, this isn't for the faint of heart!

You'll have to buy Dorie's book for the recipe.  I can't believe you haven't done that yet.

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