Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exclusive Resorts - Beaver Creek

I have skied down that mountain more than once in my lifetime.  Beaver Creek has always been our favorite ski destination....in fact, I'm pretty sure that one of the Bachelor Gulch units was our second trip with ER way back in February, 2006.  

But isn't it much prettier without all of that cold, nasty, white stuff all over it?

This has been my summer of Colorado lovin.  First it was Aspen and now BC.   Maybe next summer it will be Telluride or maybe I'll just come back here.

We had such a great time relaxing, hiking, walking, riding horses, eating, drinking, sitting outside without drowning in a puddle of sweat......no really, at home that's what happens.

We even got to spend some time with an old high school classmate and my cousin and his wife who drove up from Denver to visit.  Lot's of laughs.

But like I said when we were in Aspen, there something about the clean mountain air that inspires you to get outside and be active (Colorado is the fittest state in the nation), so we hiked a LOT!  

And not once on any of those six mile hikes did I see a dang bear.  It was really my only goal of the trip (I don't ask for much).  The only wildlife we saw were these two mule deer.  

I'd never heard of mule deer before.  We just have regular old deer in Alabama.....the flower-and-shrub-eating-ruin-my-backyard-landscaping-S.O.B-kind.  No mule deer.  So I googled them.  Seems their ears are the same size as mule ears and they're only found in the Western part of the U.S.  You're welcome.

But I was determined to have a picture of a bear for this blog post so......

Angry looking fellow, isn't he (or she?).  Maybe I should be glad I didn't actually see a real one.  Whatev.

If you're not into hiking there are a million other things to do for fun in BC village.  I really wanted to get on these trampolines, but I never saw anyone over the age of 15 jumping and I didn't want to dislocate a hip or anything, so I just watched.  Maybe next time.

There was also miniature golf......

and a rock climbing wall which should not be confused with this type of rock climbing.

Since my niece, Annie, was with us and had never been to Colorado before we wanted her to get the full "Rocky Mountain" treatment, so we took her on a drive to Aspen.

We took the scenic route through Leadville (home of the Golden Burro/Brass Ass Saloon.....Mr. B's favorite!) and the Independence Pass.

It's a stunning drive.

She even got to see some snow!

This is where we stayed for the week.  If you're an ER member, this is 145 Beaver Creek Drive.  It's not on the golf course and it's not ski-in/ski-out (Dial-a-Ride is available and extremely convenient), but if you've got a large group, this house is perfect.  It's away from the activity of the village and was a great place for sitting outside and reading and relaxing.  Plus the views across the street are spectacular.

It's got a large, open floor plan with plenty of room for a large group.

The master bedroom was huge and included an additional sitting room and a small outside deck.

There is another den in the basement along with three bedrooms (King, Queen, 2 Queens) and laundry room.

We spent a lot of time out here reading, eating, drinking, etc.

I'm not sure I'd reserve this house during ski season unless I had a large group but that's only because I really enjoy the ski-in/ski-out convenience of the Bachelor Gulch units, but for the summer, this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Next up........Once in a Lifetime adventure in Provence in October.  So excited.

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