Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

I don't really talk much here about products that I love (but maybe I will from now on....maybe someone "in charge" would see that I loved their products and send me some freebies.....maybe not) but I've got to tell you about this ice cream.

I'll get to the ice creams themselves in a minute, but first a little about Jeni....

"Jeni Britton Bauer became inspired to make artisan American ice creams while working at a French pastry shop.  Drawing on the practices of a traditional pastry kitchen, Jeni and her small team carefully craft each batch of ice cream in her airy production kitchen.

Jeni's ice creams are made with exquisite, grass-grazed Ohio cream and finished with just-picked produce, herbs and fresh cheeses from surrounding frams or fairly traded exotics such as fragrant Ugandan vanilla beans.

Jeni Britton Bauer and her husband Charly Bauer, co-founded the company in 2002.  Together with their team, they make every batch of ice cream, hand pack them into pints and ship them out fresh each day."

So, couple all that with the fact that she graduated from THE Ohio State University, and I knew I'd love her ice cream......just not HOW much I'd love her ice cream.  And OMG....the flavors are genius.  Here's what I ordered.....

Honey Vanilla Bean....amazing cream flavor is lifted up and exalted by subtle hints of honey and vanilla

Queen City chocolate slowly reveals hints of spice.  Finish is pleasantly tingly

Pistachio and Honey....pure and true pistachio flavor; very lightly sweetened for a savory finish

Thai Chili....complex flavors of hot, salty, savory, and sweet melt to provide a satisfying treat.  Spicy finish lingers.

Bourbon Buttered Pecan.....subtle corn mash notes come first, followed by rich and savory pecans, a charming hit of Bourbon finishes.

Mackenzie Creamery Goat Cheese with Roasted Red Cherries....sweet-tart roasted Michigan cherries are balanced by the tang of pur goat cheese,  Like a cherry cheesecake but even better.

Riesling Poached Pear....a surprisingly rich sorbet; pure pear flavor with unique pear texture; sweet Riesling notes shine on the finish.

The Buckeye State....our version of Ohio's favorite confection.  Rich and salty peanut butter yields to the crunch of exceptional dark chocolate for perfect balance.  Total comfort for Buckeyes and Buckeyes at heart.

Rhubarb Rose....pleasantly pink!  Creamy with a burst of sweet wine flavor and a hint of not-too-sweet rhubarb.

My favorites have to be the Queen City Cayenne and the Thai Chili just because they're so freaking unique and I love the contradiction of the cool ice cream sliding down your throat followed by the heat of the just keep eating to have that sensation over and over!  Right behind those two are The Buckeye State (duh!) and Pistachio and creamy and so pistachioy!

So if you don't live in Columbus (several locations) you can order Jeni's here.  And make sure you check out her blog, Salty Caramel for recipes and events.

I'm off to run for the next several hours to work that shit off.  It was worth it!!

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