Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exclusive Resorts - Grand Cayman

So I've been home a little less than a week and I already want to go back!!  This was our second trip to Grand Cayman and it's easily becoming (another) one of our favorite ER destinations.  For one, it's fairly simple for us to get to.....just a little over a two hour plane ride from HotLanta and then once you land, it just a short 15 minutes and you're officially vacationing!  Easy peasy for us Southerners.

The ER homes are on the same property as the Ritz Carlton and while we don't have the ocean views of the Ritz, is a couple of minutes in your golf cart and you can enjoy all the amenities of the hotel......great restaurants including Eric Ripert's Blue, state of the art workout facility and a fabulous spa.

We had a four year old and a seven month old along on this trip so, for us, carting all of the shizzle they require was a little cumbersome to go to the beach every day.  The beach access for the Ritz is actually across the street from the main portion of the hotel, so it's quite a haul, even after you park your golf cart at the front door.

That being said, that beach is the mack-daddy!!  The water is amazingly clear and they've got some of the best adult "toys" of any resort beach I've ever been to.  I've got to find out where they get these floating tables and chairs!  Are those sweet, or what??  They also had covered beds floating out there big enough for at least two!  So fun.

And if the water's not your thing, the sand is awesome for building forts!  At least that's what these two thought.  

Since we had Emma, who requires shade, we did rent one of the covered beds on the beach.  They were $100 for the day.  I'm not sure if you can reserve wasn't busy when we were there so it wasn't an issue, but if you're going during the high season you may want to check with your concierge about that.

So for the homes......they are located on the golf course, just down from the tennis courts on a gated street.

We have stayed in the same house, #9, both times (totally a coincidence), so I don't have any experience to speak of other than this house.  #1-#9 are on the left, which means the back sides are mostly facing East, so we got great morning sun at the pool which meant by late afternoon we were getting some much appreciated shade for cocktail hour!

I think we saw two golfers the entire week, so it was really quiet and private.

The interior of the homes are fabulous, too.  Four bedrooms....two king rooms downstairs...and two rooms upstairs, one with a king bed and one with two doubles.  We had plenty of room.

For the most part, we just hung out and played in the pool and enjoyed the family time.

And we all might have done some of this......perfect place to recharge your batteries.  Although this guy's retired and living the good life, so I'm not sure what he's recharging, exactly!!

We checked out Georgetown one afternoon and made fun of the drunk cruise ship dwellers at Jimmy Buffett's restaurant!  Got to get your entertainment somewhere!

And we did spend one afternoon on the boat.  This one was part of Cayman Luxury Charters and I would highly recommend them.  We just went out for half a day since we had Reece, but we got to swim with the stingrays.,

find starfish, snorkel and jet ski.  A really fun afternoon.

And the highlight of Reece's and Mr. B's week might have been when the SpongeBob Ice Cream truck pulled up on the street.   They were in heaven!!  It doesn't take much for those two.

All in all, everyone had a great time at another great ER location.

And if you're in need of a good chuckle, watch this video of Nan trying to feed Emma her green beans.....and trying to get her first words to be "nan nan nan nan"!

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