Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TWD - Toasted Coconut Custard Tart

People have strong opinions about coconut.

Most of the people I offered this tart to last week felt the same about coconut as they did about Jake picking Vienna-Sausage. Eeek! (Who thinks that one's gonna last? Anyone?)

I was floored because I looooove coconut and so does Mr. B........L.O.V.E.S. it. So, needless to say, he wasn't disappointed in the least when I couldn't give any of this away! He said he'd man-up and eat the whole thing so I didn't feel bad.

What a guy!

And thank goodness, because if he didn't eat it all I probably would have. This was simply amazing. Thanks to Beryl of Cinemongirl for this week's selection. You must check her site, get the recipe and make this yourself.


  1. What a guy! Stepping up like that. I loved this dessert and will make it again and again!!

  2. This was a great tart. I only made 1/4 recipe because I knew I would eat it ALL. (well, except for what Hubs would eat - loves coconut!!)

    Yours is a beautiful yellow color and looks fantastic.