Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TWD - Thumb Prints for Us Big Guys

Those are cookies. Not eggs. The fact that they look like eggs didn't even enter my mind until I looked at the pictures. Oh.....and they're way better than eggs. And they don't even contain a single egg. I thought that was weird for cookies. Actually, this recipe only called for a whopping 8 ingredients (and I managed to leave one of them out!). Easy peasy!

I didn't have any hazelnuts in the house so I ground up almonds instead and used a Peach Amaretto jam. The combination of the Amaretto in the jam and the almond extract in the cookie was delunkshus! As you can see, I left off the powdered sugar because I was out, but I didn't miss it at all.

Thanks to Mike of UglyDudeFood or UglyFoodDude (I'm not sure if it's Mike's food that is ugly or Mike himself??) for this week's pick. These are super easy to put together and really, really good! Check out is site for the recipe.


  1. I used lemon curd and over dosed on powdered sugar and boy do mine look like eggs too! They were delicious though!

  2. Great looking cookies..Im glad you enjoyed them. This was a very simple recipe and so so tasty!