Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 1 of Project 365

I'm always trying to improve my photography skills (of which I have few!!) so when one of my Twitter friends mentioned Project 365 in a tweet on Monday I was intrigued. Seems there is a group that commits to taking a picture a day for the entire year. Sounded like a great way to practice and also force myself to take more photos.

So here are my first week's pics! Hopefully I'll get more creative as the year goes on or all you'll see are pictures of dogs and food!!

This is Cody, my step-son's sweet dog.

Everytime he heard the camera click he'd run to another room only to have me follow him.

Love his blue eyes!

One of my goals is to get better at taking pictures of Rafter. He always ends up looking like a giant ball of black hair......maybe because that's what he is????

Documentation of the Alabama blizzard of twentyten!

Black bean tarte......I'll post about this tomorrow. Amazing.

Tarte Tatin......still pretty proud of this!

So yesterday, Carly stops out while I'm making dinner and asks what my Project 365 photo was for the day. Oh shit....already forgot about that. Told her I didn't have one yet. She said to take a picture of the onions. So I did. See......told you I need to learn some creativity!

If you're interested in seeing pics from other participants, check out the Flickr group here.

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