Friday, January 8, 2010

TWD - Tarte Tatin

This week's recipe marks the second year anniversary of TWD. I've only been participating a little over a year so I still have some catching up to do with the original participants, but I have to say that my year of baking with the group has massively improved my baking skills! So...Happy Anniversary, TWD and thank you for teaching me sooooo much.

In honor of the event, we got to choose between the Tarte Tatin and the Cocoa-Buttermilk Birthday Cake. As you can see, I chose the tarte. I always thought that making Tarte Tatin would be this huge undertaking and I'd never be able to do it. So NOT true. This was really quite simple. The most difficult part was peeling the apples!! I guess if you choose to make your own puff pastry, that might up the ante a bit, but you know me......Pepperidge Farms works just fine.

When I read the recipe and saw there was a whopping four ingredients and figured it couldn't be that difficult. It's not. Peel some apples, melt some butter, sprinkle some sugar and cook. That's basically it. Not rocket science!

The only issue I had was my pastry developed a hole in it during baking so when I flipped it most of the gooey, delicious sauce oozed out. Made a huge mess too! Aargh.

It was still delicious. I'll definitely make this again.....probably with pears or maybe even some peaches this summer! Yummmm.

Thanks to Laurie, the creator of TWD, for hosting this week and for all she does for the group. Check her site for the recipes for both the tarte and the cake.

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  1. Beautiful tarte. How can something this easy, be sooooo good.