Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow to Sand

The last seven days have been wild, crazy, fun, busy, and everything in between!

I was here last Sunday.

I left here this Sunday morning.

I know, right? From one corner of the continent to another......Vancouver to Naples.....snow to sand.

Last week there was a wedding and this week there was tennis. And reeeaaally good tennis. Players from all over the country converged on Naples to play in the Inter-Sectional tennis tournament. My friends were representing the Southern division in the 35 age group. They're much younger than me!! Oh....and much better! I'm hoping my tennis improved from just hanging around with them.

All these girls played big-babe college tennis. Some even played briefly on the pro circuit so when I say they were me!

That's Jenny. She's the one I went to watch and cheer on. She played for Alabama. (I don't hold that against her!)

That's Renee. She played at a school in Florida, I think. Renee could stay out there all day. She's in great shape.

Her name is Taylor. She married a dude who's last name is Taylor. Yup. Her name is Taylor Taylor. I love that! She played at Virginia.

There were other spectators too. Like these sisters. Their mom played for another team that our (well not mine really, but....) team beat!

And this little punkin's mama played too. Have you ever?


Anyhoo, I'm now sitting in the airport AGAIN, waiting for my flight home. I'm ready to go home, but I don't get to stay long.

Hubs and I are heading back to Florida to the 'rents for Thanksgiving. That will be a nice relaxing time and we get to take Raffie with us. Sorry, Carson!

Y'all have a great Thanksgiving week. Safe travels.

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