Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bearfoot Bistro

We had an incredible dinner the other night at the Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler. Great food; friendly, professional service; and great ambience.

It started with a tour of the wine cellar. What a fabulous collection. About 20,000 bottles of yummy stuff like this 2003 Rothschild which I didn't order because it's not yet reached it's true potential.

Then there was a vertical of Petrus. See that one on the left? It's a 1970. I didn't order that one either because, well, my wallet hasn't reached it's true potential. It was $10,000.

While we were down there, we learned how to sabre a bottle of Champagne.

I've seen this done, but never done it myself. And I still haven't! I let hubs do it so I could take the pictures!

First, the bottle has to be cold. Then find the seam on the bottle. If you don't happen to have a sabre lying around (who doesn't?) use the back edge of a large chef's knife and run it smoothly along the seam of the bottle. In one swift motion, making sure to follow through, run the sabre right through the lip of the bottle.

Mr. B was so good at it I missed the picture. That's the bottle without the top.

And there's the top! I hope he doesn't think he needs to do this at home everytime we have some bubbly!

Then Donna ordered the Dover Sole which was fileted right at the table.

Just like Sylvester the Cat. I want to learn how to do that, too.

And THEN, this guy shows up to make ice cream. AT. THE. TABLE.

You heard me. Now this was cool. Start with some cream (obviously).

Add some liquid nitrogen. You know you have some in your pantry.

Stir like hell.

Keep stirring.

Dude. That's ice cream in there. Really smooth, delicious ice cream.

Num, num, num...

Mr. B loves him some ice cream.

I think he added every one of these toppings.

So if you're headed to Whistler for the Olympics, make your reservation at Bearfoot Bistro early. You'll thank me later.

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