Saturday, October 17, 2009

TWD - Allspice Crumb Muffins

The past couple of weeks have been craaaaaazy around here. Most of you know that Mr. B has been working in Michigan for the past couple of years....Michigan during the week and fly home every Friday for weekends home in Bama. Well, he finished that little chapter a few weeks ago and is now home full time. Yea??

So we needed to fly to Michigan last week to put that house on the market, arrange for the movers to come in and pack everything up and ship it down south, and drive the car back home.

Which all worked out great since we needed to stop in Ohio on the way to see the newest addition to the family!

That's Emma and her big brother, Reece. He's still trying to decide if he's going to keep her! She's not all that much fun yet.

But the rest of us think she's pretty stinkin sweet!

Like her mama....

And her daddy. She already has him right where she wants him!

That first bath was a little traumatic!

Which didn't help convince him that she needs to stay!!

So all of that is to explain why my Allspice Crumb Muffin post is so late. I finally made these last night to have for breakfast this morning. They were easy and tasty. Perfect for a crazy week.

Thanks to Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table for this really great pick. Make sure you visit Kayte's site for the recipe.

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