Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tis (almost) that season....

It's time for me to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Our family is tough to buy for. If we find something we want, we all tend to just go get it for ourselves. No disappointments or returns warranted that way!

But I've started to see a few intriguing items in the past couple of weeks and felt compelled to share.....and just in case you were thinking of adding me to your Christmas list. Hint, hint!!

So, I came across this little gadget the other day in the new Martha Stewart Living magazine. It's called the Demy and here's the description...

Home cooks will relish the Demy, which stores up to 2,500 recipes. Here's how it works: Create a free account at keyingredient.com. Then assemble a collection of recipes, which you can load from that website, copy from other sites, or type in yourself. Plug the Demy into your PC or Mac to synchronize with your account Then set it on your counter for easy access. "I have recipes all over the place. For organization purposes, this is so convenient," says Living's food editorial director, Jennifer Aaronson. It even has a cooking timer and a conversion tool.

You also have the ability to adjust the font size, which for my blind-ass self is crucial. (If only my iPhone could do the same.)

So, I'm think of ordering this for some of my fellow cooking fanatics. Anyone out there have one? Pros and cons??

Check out all the specs at www.mydemy.com

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