Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TWD - Espresso Cheesecake Brownies

I haven't been a very good blogger the past week, but the husband is starting to do a few more things for himself so I'm hoping to get back on track. One thing I did get accomplished was the Espresso Cheesecake Brownies.

Some good friends were nice enough to bring over dinner on Friday night and I offered these up as dessert. They got a 50% approval rating!! The friends loved them (or so they said!) but I thought they were a little dry. I probably baked them a hair too long. I knew Mr. B wouldn't like them.....he couldn't figure out why I'd ruin a perfectly good brownie recipe by putting some nasty cheesecake on top.

I actually thought the cheesecake part was the best....just didn't get a lot of flavor from the brownie. Oh well. I might try these again and include the topping. That would probably cure the dryness (and maybe not bake quite so long).

Thanks to Melissa for this week's pick. Make sure you check out her site for the recipe. She included the topping and her's look fabulous.

A couple of side notes: As I said, Mr. B is recovering nicely. He's getting around much better and learning how to operate the crutches so he can survive on his own when he goes back to Michigan after Labor Day. I've learned that I would never make a great nurse and that I have underappreciated how much he actually does around here when he's get himself something to eat, get a water out of the fridge all by himself, go up and down stairs without a spotter.....

Also, I finished up my beggining photography class yesterday. I think I learned quite a bit and just need to find the time to start practicing. My friend and I have decided that our next course will be Photoshop and that starts next week. That way, even if our pictures are shitty we can fake it!

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  1. Glad Mr. B is doing better. Hard when cannot get around.

    Brownies look great.