Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TWD - Brownie Buttons

It seems the internet blogging trend this week is "one sentence posts". I guess everyone is extremely busy with end of the summer shizzle and can only get one sentence out.

Dude, I have so much more to say than one measly sentence. I've got a LOT going on this week and I need to talk.

Let's start with the above picture. Whatcha think? Better than my normal pictures? Not so much?? Whatev. I started my photography class today and I'm no longer allowed to shoot in "PHD" mode.....Push Here Dummy. Yup, I'm the dummy. My problem has never been a lack of funds, so I've always had pretty nice cameras for someone that has no idea how to operate them. I recently continued that trend and went out and bought a Nikon D90. When I got it home and started studying it, I was a little embarrassed. This was a really intense camera and I had NO IDEA what to do with all of the bells and whistles. I decided that I wasn't going to be intimidated anymore and I needed to learn how to operate this beast and get my money's worth. Ummm....PHD mode does NOT get the best out of your camera.

So a friend and I started our beginner's photo class today. I learned things! And that little photo up there was NOT...repeat, NOT taken in PHD mode. Feel free to jump all over it with all of your criticism. I'm here to learn. Or....maybe not.

So...anyhooo. This post is supposed to be about Dorie's Brownie Buttons. In a sentence...

These are delicious, easy and you should make them.

See. I can keep a post to one sentence. Check out Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen for the recipe. Seriously, these are really good. The only recommendation I have is to double to recipe. I only got ten buttons and they're just a little bigger than bite size. But, as you just witnessed, I have a big mouth. Just sayin.

Stay posted for more compelling photos!! :)


  1. Loved both.. the picture, and the brownie. Im starting my photography class next month, too! Can totally relate! Keep baking, and keep taking them pictures!

  2. Love the brownie on top of the cookies - great pic.