Thursday, March 26, 2009

TWD - Blueberry Crumb Cake

This weeks TWD was supposed to be a crumb cake, but since Charlotte looooves blueberry muffins, that's the route I took.  Anything that gets her to eat the TWD offerings instead of me is a good thing.  And can I just say that participating in TWD has been great for improving my baking skills, it's done nothing for my ass.  Signing onto be a baker should come with a warning lable...."Baking along with us will make your once in-shape body not so in-shape anymore".  My treadmill time has doubled.  Not fun.

Anyhoo, these are delicious (according to Charlotte) and I made her promise to call me unflattering names if I even wanted to smell one.  I did and she did.  She's also promised to take the remaining ones to Auburn with her this weekend.  Good girl, that Charlotte.

Oh, and since these were for C, I omitted the nuts in the topping.

Thanks to Sihan at Befuddlement for picking this weeks recipe.  If you want the recipe, head over there.

I'm out for next week's recipe, Coconut Butter Thins.  I'll be the beached whale sunning myself in Miami along with my skinny girlfriends.  Should be a real ego boost.

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