Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally, a Cabo report!

An entire seven days without a cloud in the sky.  Well, maybe a few, but not enough to screw up my tan.  Cabo is without a doubt, the quintessential tropical location for me.  You're not allowed to swim in the Sea of Cortez because the undertow is so deadly, but that suits me perfectly.  Do not like to swim in the ocean.  Love to look at it and listen to it.  Not swimmin in it.  It's got a mushy bottom, there's that whole seaweed shizzle, and I inevitably end up swallowing salt water.  

I like my swimming to come with a concrete bottom and chlorine, thank you very much.  AKA cement pond.  Might have something to do with growing up in Ohio.  Buckeyes are not really ocean people.  All we have is Lake Erie.  Understand where I'm coming from now??

Now all my Alabama friends are ocean people.  They can't wait to get to the beach and taste the salt water.  We don't have that in common.  But we do have these in common.  And we might have consumed some of them last week.  Maybe.

But that's a whole other post.  

So, let's just start by showing you where I stayed the last time I was in Cabo.  And in the interest of full disclosure, this was a girls trip.  And the point of telling you that is to point out that Mr. B did not get to stay here.

This was the "girl's trip" pool....

This was the "girl's trip" view...

Again, just pointing out that Mr. B did not get to enjoy said house, pool or view.

If you're an Exclusive Resorts member, you might recognize said house as Residence #211.  Might just be my personal favorite......absolutely, one of them.  You would also know that it's the most difficult to get in Cabo.

Which meant we had to stay at one of the units at Esperanza.  And this time, guess who got to go?  Uh huh.  Mr. B.  Who initially thought the Esperanza was fine.  Until we went on a walk the second morning and I showed him Residence #211.  Mistake.  I heard about it the rest of the week.

The good news is that I had reserved one of the "01" units (specifically #901) which meant that we had our own pool and hot tub.  Otherwise, he would have been relentless.

Here's the living/dining room

and kitchen....

One of the guest bedrooms (three with king beds, one with two queens)...

and a very spacious outdoor area with a kitchen area.  Not bad, right?  Just not Residence #211.  My major complaint with these units are that everything but the pool itself is in the shade.  If we wanted to lay in the sun, we had to get very creative with the chair cushions.  Let's just say it was a good thing the pool edge was wide enough to accommodate the cushions.

Remember the view from #211?  This was the view from #901.  The Sea of Cortez was nowhere to be seen.  If you're looking for water views, don't book #901.

The hot tub, however, was awesome.  Nice and big.

That's Mr. B doing what he did all week.  He came home with really tanned feet!  See what I mean about the chair cushions?

If you like to hang out at the resort pool, this is the one closest to ER's units.  Charlotte loved the swim-up bar!  As you can see, it was not very crowded, which surprised me a little as it's prime spring break season.  Economy's taking a bite out of Cabo, too.

Beautiful views everywhere.  I think this was taken from one of the restaurants.  We did not leave the property for dinner and for the first time did not book an in-house chef.  The on-line reviews for them were not that promising and you had to use the hotel chefs.  For the aforementioned "girl's trip" (you remember who didn't get to go on that one, right) we had the Chef come in three nights and it was fabulous (and not outrageously priced).

Anyhoo, a couple of days into the trip, these folks arrived!  Hooty Hoo!!!

The party started.

And they wanted to go fishin.....so we did!

Got to see the famous Arch on the way out of the marina.  Quite the tourist attraction.

Carnival was there for the day...

and Captain Hook and friends...

That's Juan.  I know.  I now love fishing.

Juan did all the work.  He caught every fish and then handed over the pole so we could reel them in and take pictures and look like we knew what we were doing.  

This was his first catch.  Can I just say that I was a little in shock and how big these fish were?  I've never been deep sea fishing before.  Not even deep Lake Erie fishing.  I'm sure there's nothing this big up there.

Marty had the honors for the first one.  He knew what he was doing.  Pulled that sucker right in.

Had to take a picture of this guy.  So glad we got Juan instead of some Michigan Moron as our captain.  Suriously.

Awwww.  That's the back of Mr. B's head.  Juan caught him one too.  He might have been a rookie, but look what he "caught".

Yep, that one.

Same guy.

They brought this one up on the boat.  Very cool.

Then it was Marty's turn again.  He spent about 40 minutes wrestling with this fellow.  

He was a stubborn one.

On the way back in we were luck enough to see this.  Those are not dolphins.  That's a mama whale and her baby.    Sweeeeet.

Then Juan started dumping the bait fish and we suddenly had a LOT of friends.

And one very bold one.

But it paid off for him.  Look closely at his beak.

These guys weren't lucky enough to get any fish, but they almost got a bite of Charlotte!

This guy just kept posing.

So, we all had a great time, but guess where we'll be staying the next time??


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  2. I loved reading this! It took me right back to that dream week last August!!! Love it.