Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashion Puzzlers

I've been getting in the mood lately to do some Spring shopping so I've been perusing my favorite internet sites for ideas.  I must be getting old because there is some seriously ugly shizzle out there.

Like this....

Alexander McQueen Crepe harem pants

Harem pants??  Really.  Who looks good in these?  It looks like she's carrying a load.

And this....

This just makes me laugh.  Who above the age of three needs to wear a romper?  And there's that whole bathroom dilemma.

And, OMG, this awful trend...

She's stacked

Gladiator sandals.  H.A.T.E. them.  Not attractive.  Not flattering.  I'm just sayin.

Needless to say....I'm still lookin.

1 comment:

  1. Guess the pants would be good to wear if hiking the Appalachian Trail, no need for a backpack! Geez...........-Carolyn