Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TWD - Caramel Crunch Bars

I've made a LOT of new friends in the past two days!  I've been handing these bars out to anyone that came near my house!  The yard guys especially love me.  I don't speak any Spanish so we usually don't communicate that well, but I do speak cookie and they understand that perfectly!

These things are so freakin good.....and that's the reason I've been dumping them on anybody around.  If I don't this is exactly the kind of dessert where I'll eat the whole pan.

They're called Caramel Crunch Bars, but someone needs to explain to me where the caramel part comes in??

The more appropriate name would he Toffee Crunch Bars, I think since they're topped with toffee bits (which I'm hearing are not available all over the world).  I cannot fathom living anywhere that toffee bits are not available......I'm just sayin.

These are extremely easy to make (except for spreading the incredibly sticky dough into the bottom of the pan) and just as delicious.

Thanks to Whitney of What's Left on the Table for choosing this week's TWD recipe.  (Actually, I think her kids did the picking....great job, kids!)  Check out Whitney's site for the recipe.


  1. I'm glad they were a hit and you've been making friends. :P Your crunch bars look amazing!

  2. How nice of you to share! It's always fun to make new friends, right? I was a little confused by the lack of caramel, too. They were still good, though. They look wonderful.

  3. Your bars look great, no wonder everyone wanted some!