Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let it snow!

It's cold in Birmingham this morning.  Not quite as cold as this picture, but to these Southern weather weenies it might as well be!  The high in B'ham today is only supposed to reach freezing and Southerners HATE the cold.

The only people that hate the cold more than Southerners are Yankees that have been living in the South for any period of time and grown accustomed to 70 degree days in January.  We bitch the loudest!

But sometimes (not often, and not for long periods of time) I miss the snow of my childhood winters.  So, today I'm heading to beautiful Colorado for some skiing.  A long weekend is enough for me.  I'm not a great skier.  A couple of hours on the slopes in the warmest part of the day, then off to do what I do best.....apres ski!  Hey, we all have our strengths.

We'll be staying with friends at their home near Telluride and I'll keep you posted from the slopes.  Wish me luck that all my parts return to Birmingham in working order.

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