Monday, January 26, 2009

I Found Paradise

And it's in the Caribbean.

Little Dix Bay.

This is the hardest property to book in all of Exclusive Resorts portfolio and I can now see why.

It's not exactly the easiest place to get to....three different airplanes and a totally worth it if it's relaxation you're after.

That's Jane, Preston and Mr. B on the boat in Tortola for our ride to LDB

The served us a yummy Rum Punch for the ride.

That's our house hidden on the side of the hill for the week.  ER rocks it AGAIN.

Here's the inside

See that view through the windows!!

That's our pool

Our patio.  The chef served us dinner out there last night.  Delicious.

We have to look at this all day for a week.  I know, right?

I'm not coming home.


  1. I love this BLOG review. We posted a link on Destination club Forums and hope others will enjoy your photos. If you have any more Exclusive Resorts trips, please post a link for us.

  2. This is friggin' amazing! Where in the world are you? Where is LIttle Dix Bay???