Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Moi!!

My BFF, Jenny, tagged me on Facebook to write 25 random things about myself.  I thought I'd post them here, too.

I only did this for you, Jenny!

1. I don't really like talking about myself, so this exercise sucks for me!! But since it was Jenny who tagged me, I'll do it. There I just wasted one.

2. I'm a technology freek. I love gadgets.

3. I came in second in the Ohio State Shorthand competition when I was a senior in high school. I can still take shorthand and type faster than the average person can talk. It's a skill that's really not doing me much good right now!

4. I'm a wine snob. And I don't care that it pisses you off.

5. LOVE to travel. Joining Exclusive Resorts was the best money we've ever spent.

6. LOVE to take my friends with me when I travel!

7. I'm fiercely loyal. If I like you, I'll most likely like you forever. I have made mistakes, however.

8. I have 12,000+ songs on my ipod. All genres. I love to pour a glass of wine and crank up the tunes.

9. I've been a Dallas Cowboy's fan since the days of Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. It's not been easy for the past several years.

10. I love great food. The first thing I do when traveling is research that city's restaurants. The best meal I've ever had was in Paris at Taillevent. Simply amazing.

11. I fell in love with my husband at first site. It took me five years to convince him that he felt the same way! He still curls my toes. I absolutely married up.

12. I never wanted children. I did, however, marry a man with an eight year old at the time. I'm better for the experience of raising him! He might not be, but I am!

13. I concocted the world's best margarita last weekend in Colorado. I think it might make me famous. I'll make you one if you want. And you do. Trust me.

14. I love to read. I read every night before I fall asleep.....unless I've had too many margaritas.

15. I love baths. I almost never take a shower. I get it from my mother. She's taken a tubby EVERY night of her life before bed. Even if it's 3am, that woman is getting in the bathtub before she goes to bed.

16. I look just like my mother. But I act like my dad. I've come to terms with it....acting like my father, that is. My mom's gorgeous. I'm just sayin.

17. My parent's 50th wedding anniversary is this year. They still REALLY like each other.

18. I was an all-state basketball player in high school. I usually fouled out. I know that surprises most of you!!

19. My brother has four amazing children that I completely adore. I tend to spoil them rotten. They like it.

20. I cannot carry a tune. Completely tone deaf. But it has never stopped me from singing rather loudly in my car.

21. I've never broken a bone. I'm sure I will now that that's in writing.

22. I hate to go to the doctor. It's a family trait.

23. I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. If I think it, I pretty much say it.

24. If I'm channel surfing and see the movie "Pretty Woman" I'll watch it. Every. Time.

25. I'm in awe of people that can go to a movie and come out quoting every great line in it. I never remember any of them.

Wow...I was struggling at the end. Can you tell!

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