Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DTWD = Disastrous Tuesdays with Dorie......Berry Surprise Cake

And it started out so promising, too.

I thought the batter came together so well and that I had done everything right.  My egg mixture formed a perfect ribbon, I folded ever so gently...didn't overmix, but my "diva" eggs turned into DEVIL eggs and this is what came out of the oven.....bitches, is what they are.

Sunk like the damn Titanic.

And see those specs of flour??  Where the hell did they come from?

So,, I tried to salvage it by scooping out the sunken part and just adding the filling and then topping with the whipped cream.

And it looked fine.

Mr. B had a piece.....

and that was it.  The rest went into the trash.  He said the cake was tough and the filling was not sweet enough.


And this was a recipe that really appealed to me in writing.  After reading all of the other baker's comments, I know that a LOT of people had problems with this.   Maybe better luck next week.

Thanks to Mary Ann of Meet me in the Kitchen for choosing this week.  Please check out her blog.....her cake came out beautifully!  I'm jealous.


  1. sorry it didn't turn out for you. mine sunk a lot too, but other than thought i thought it was delicious. definitely upped the sugar and vanilla in the filling though, it wasn't anywhere near sweet enough.

  2. My cake was tough too, but I doused it in syrup.